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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kapil Hits siBull’s Eye : To Ban Photoshop, Picasa and other Photo-editing Software

Uncensored News of India,
Naïve Daily, Dec 8

Not satisfied with merely keeping tab on the activities of social networking sites, In-for-mutation & BroadCastrating minister Kapil SeeBull is all set to replace the use of popular Photo-editing software with the new one approved by 10 Shun-path

dummy launch of 'UPA'- the new government  approved
Photo-editing software
SeeBull was furious when he reportedly came across some prank pics of PM & Sonia Gandhi on a social networking site. The minister, fuming with indignation at the  digitally altered pictures, took position a la Veena Malik and threatened social networking sites by shedding all cloths of democracy. The gesture quickly captured him to flavor of the week on the sites such as farcebook.Obviously, everybody wanted to know whether he had suicidal tendencies or just sycophant ones; and in the process, he managed to earn highest search-rating too

As the internet giants did not seem to pay heed to SeeBull’s threat, he thought of going backward- the only direction known to his government. Pledging to address the root-cause, he now hopes to control the very software that helps creation of dirty pictures sans Ms. Balan. SeeBull is expected to launch new photo-editing software that will have ‘beautify’ options in stead of ‘distort’. Mixing of two photos will be impossible for its users. The software is likely to be launched under ‘RGEGS’- Rajiv Gandhi Employment Generation Scheme. 

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