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Friday, November 25, 2011

Designers to create ‘Shoe & Slap’ Collection For Political Class

Fa...sh..sh..sh..ion Bureau Exclusive

Mumbai, Nov 26

Bullet-proof Jackets and Z-plus security are passé for IPL- Indian Political Leaders. Their urge for more refuses to go away. More wary of shoes & slaps than bullets, Netas are all set to change their dress code replacing Kurta-Sherwani. Especially after the treatment given to Hunger Minister un-Shared Power.

proposed design from 'Shoe & Slap Collection'
Citing security reasons and looming threat from the “aam adami”, all parties have accepted the proposal of new dress code in national interest; dutifully keeping in mind national unrest. Leading Fashion designers have taken a cue and started working on the tentatively titled ‘Shoe & Slap Collection’ for political winter that is chilling the leaders across the party lines. The new designs are likely to involve helmet-like caps, collars designed like cheek-guards (to avert slaps) and shirts made of bullet-proof material. A silicon valley company has been pitched in to develop ‘shoe-detector' during press-conferences. It will protect the leaders from foot projectiles that may go ballistic.

‘Shoe & Slap Collection’ is expected to make it big in political fashion with the fast-approaching assembly elections of five states. All parties have shown keen interest and placed orders of high quantity, inform sources.


Lalit Khambhayta said...

વાહ વાહ!

Binit said...
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Binit Modi (Ahmedabad) said...

Sharad Pawar, who usually roaming in SUV's, I suggest him to wear a helmet when he off the car for public function. In addition I also suggest him a two wheeler ride during public appearances. So he can quickly move on while an anticipatory slap movement.
Binit Modi (Ahmedabad)

Anonymous said...

How about a kinner dress for some of them,who does not allow the parliament's proceedings by odd danceand evil roaring.