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Sunday, October 23, 2011

MoneyTake Singh Unveils Latest Human Development Index

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Hue Delhi, Oct 23

The latest Human Development Index aka Humor De-Elopment Index has brought some good news for the Uni-tainted Prerogative Alliance government. It shows ‘inclusive growth’ may not be just a slow-gan for the government as steady rise has been noted on various parameters, including the number of jailed leaders.

According to the report, politically weaker sections like the PM, the government and some allies, earlier classified as the malnourished power-wise, are finally catching up with the rest of the political class, as opposition parties too have found themselves in the soup due to various controversies and accusations of corruption. The index, unveiled by Blah-ning Commission Deputy Chairman MoneyTake Singh has been compiled by the Institute of Appalled Man-poor Research.

The report comprises of three main indicators- consumption expenditure by CBI & CAG, health of the government and literacy levels of leaders.  HDI has registered impressive gains on all these parameters.  MoneyTake affirmed that the findings will be of great help in formulating the ad campaign for 2014 Loksabha elections.

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