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Thursday, October 6, 2011

BPL Row: It’s Parties' Time

Below Propriety Line News
New Delhi, Oct.6

As pressure mounted on the Government to revise the definition of Below Poverty Line all of last week, Rueral Dev-Elopment Ministry sought suggestions from various National and Regional Parties. Leaders are responding quickly, says sources.

courtesy : Ravi
Rahul Gandhi, Congress General-Cum-Secret-wry believes anyone who did not visit a Dalit household for few minutes in the last financial year should be considered below poverty line. Mayawati, the champion of the Dalits and BSP leader, has different ideas though. 

In her view, anyone who has not been allotted government land for his/her statue during last year should be entitled for BPL status. She said it was ‘Statue’tory right of citizens of India to get their statues installed.

BJP’s Prime Mini-sterile candidate-in-travelling L.K.Advani is in favour of granting BPL status to those who didn’t undertake a single yatra of more than 30 Kms. by road in an AC coach during last fiscal. Ex-disciple of Ex-PM-in-waiting, Narendra Modi is all for granting BPL identification to those families who fast round the year. The catch is they should spend more than a crore of rupees during their fasting period. J.Jaylalitha thinks anyone not having a case of disproportionate wealth against him/her should be treated as BPL.

Moreover, there is wide consensus among the parties that any candidate accepting bribe below Rs. 1 Crore will be considered BPL candidate- in fact a true representative of BPLs across the country.

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Real politik & applied politik. All political parties in India, they find survival issues a lot-fun by using funny language through media. People's mockery is their political strategy.