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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anna Likely To Campaign Against The Democrats In The Next US Elections

US & Them Bureau
Wash a ton, Oct.8

Anna Hazare, renowned social Fastivist with Gandhi cap and the person whose search ratings zoomed ahead of Anna Kournikova, has declared his intentions to campaign against the ruling Democratic party whose tenure has proved disastrous for US. Teem Anna is likely to visit US next month with Anna’s message to launch the campaign. Sarah Palin is all set to play host, informed Kiran Bedi. Tea Party leaders may extend honorary membership to Bedi during the visit. 

Talking to reporters, Anna said he had nothing personal against President Obama but he cannot tolerate the way the president handled The Almost Second Depression. MTAs- Members of Team Anna- in the meantime, are busy discussing the logistics of fast unto death program in White House loan. Fan clubs of Sarah Palin along with several Tea Party enthusiasts have vouched for their foolhardy..er. full hearted support to Anna Movement, says sources.

Fox News is in talks with Times Now to have Arnab Goswami as a front man for special coverage of Anna movement, it is learnt. Copy writers and Desk persons are busy translating the slogans used by Team Anna during their movement in India.

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Anonymous said...

Anna has a very charismatic slogan for this anti election movement.kechriwala has scripted it and Beedi wil smoke it-Do not vote for America.
Obama has tried to bribe anna by offering him the chairmanship of some bank(may be river bank or bank rupted bank) if he slash his move ment.
Anna is waiting for visa,piza and paisa.