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Friday, October 21, 2011

After Telangana, Ante Up For Separate Tihar Movement

Poly-trick-all Bureau
Naive Delhi, Oct 11

Map of proposed Union Territory of Tihar
Chants of ‘No Bihar. Just Tihar’ and ‘Nahi manenge kisi se haar, leke rahenge hamara Tihaar’ are in the air. Effectiveness of Telangana pro-tasters who seek separate state from Andhra Pradesh has inspired a section of Tihar elite; the high profile politicians lodged at Tihar Jail. They have raised demands for a separate & independent Tihar. According to their proposal, the area in and around Tihar jail should be declared union territory so that it can get full advantage of the skills of its high profile inmates.

Leaders like Raja, Amarsingh, Kanimozhi, Kalmadi who have sacrificed their careers to project India as a rising economic superpower by crafting scams worth Crores of Rupees need a fair deal, according to the sources. Their expertise in financial matters needs to be utilized in country's interest. They have demanded a different set of laws and sent a proposal for TU- Tihar Union Territory. If Fortune decides to publish the list of the richest 500 politicians, Tihar will have a lion’s share, claimed the leaders of ‘Separate Tihar’ movement.

            The proposal is under consideration, according to North Blocked sources. Sonia gandhi is believed to be interested in a separate Tihar as it would serve as penal settlement right in the middle of the capital where corrupt Congress leaders can be sent. What's more, the Congress party can boast strict actions against the corrupt, without losing their services and expertise. 

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Corporate Flavour with human right element will create parallel system inside. Perhaps already enjoying!!!