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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Advani Begins Janus Cheat-na Yatra From Bihar

Tra-Veil-ing Correspondent
Bihar, Oct.11

L.K.AdWaning is on the move again. He began his 38-day Janus Chetna Yatra from the land of JP. The abbreviation stands for Jayprakash Narayan – and not for the Joint Parliamentary (committee), clarified the veteran at the outset.
“I am formally launching my Janus Chetna Yatra as a formality against corruption and to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks so that ratings of our banks do not have to suffer” affirmed Mr. Advani.  He expressed concern over downgrading of SBI and asked for the resignations of PM as well as Moody’s CEO. Lashing out as Sonia Gandhi, Advani said she should take lessons of renunciation from him. “Look at me. I am no longer in the race for PMship. Party has offered me much more than that- the advice to withdraw from the race, to be precise.”

His Janus Chetna Yatra is aimed at the corruption of Central government whilst delicately  looking away from corruption of his own party members. The nomenclature “Janus” came from the double faces of the leader in matters ranging from corruption to communalism. Janus, the God Of Greek Mythology has two faces since very much like Mr.Advani, who looks at the past and the future at the same time.

“Today the people of this country have lost faith in my ability as a Prime Ministerial Candidate. The biggest achievement of this yatra would be to restore that faith” said the 84- year leader.


Anonymous said...

Confusion of Nagpur-fed-BJP could be well understood due to their shift in paradigm from Ram Rajya to Sadhbhavna.

Really not really case of survival of fittest in Indian Political framework.

However, brainchild-VHP speaks the truth @ Surat, recently.

Anonymous said...

This Adwa Vani(Odd speech)has played many roles in the film dom of Indo polywood.
He prostated to jinnah.And it is culturel part of sindhi.
Well still his name has been not removed from sindh as conspirator of Jin.attempting murder.
He is using JP's platform without checking the base. So he is stuck some where on an old railway bridge.
People(BJP) doubt about the good intention for his food yatra.
Chetna(watch) BJP chetsa.EEs budhese chetna.